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Aluminium Repairs

Porsche, Jaguar, Range-Rover, Aston Martin, Audi are just a few of the leading manufacturers that are constructing their vehicles utilising aluminium, rather than steel, gaining huge benefits in both performance and fuel economy.

Such new methods of construction however, require a radically new approach in respect of body work repair.


Only repair centres that have invested considerable time and funding in new equipment and specialised training are equipped to deal with the challenges associated with aluminium repair.  We have installed a dedicated aluminium repair facility within our existing centre at a cost of £70k and our senior panel technician has completed a two week training course at Audi in Germany at a cost of £8k learning the new skills and techniques required for aluminium repair.


The traditional methods used in the repair of steel-based vehicles couldn’t be further adrift from those now required in aluminium vehicle repair.  Where steel panels were once spot welded into position, aluminium panels are now positioned using ultra high strength bonding materials coupled with self-piercing rivets that are driven into the panels at high velocity using specialist equipment purchased through Jaguar and Audi.


Aluminium is a very brittle metal compared to steel and does not bend as easily, therefore incorrect repairs (particularly to the chassis) by repairers without the necessary knowledge can result in hairline stress fractures in the chassis and body that will fatigue and break after time.  Don’t accept anything less than a certified aluminium repair centre when getting your aluminium bodied vehicle repaired.



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